SLEEP. We all obviously need it. But really how important is it?


In my experience it’s SUPER important.

Whether my patients and clients come with the goal of reducing anxiety or pain, losing weight or feeling more energetic through a challenging phase, how much and how well they are sleeping is of HUGE importance.

We could try all the nutrition, mindset and mindfulness tools in the world yet would get limited results if we don't get decent sleep.

Here's what I consider the 10 most important elements for a great nights' sleep:

  1. Control the room temperature.
  2. Have water by your bed for little sips as required and especially for the next morning.
  3. Have a simple bedtime ritual for example: wash and apply favourite cream, 15 mins reading, a couple of minutes gratitudes in bed. Know how long this takes.
  4. Plan the 7-9 hours you need - the iphone has a bedtime app to help you count back. Then plan what time you need to start your wind-down ritual
  5. Put your phone to bed! Avoid any use of a screen in bed except for a kindle with a night-time mode which has less blue light. Limit screen time prior to bedtime for up to 2 hours, particularly if you struggle to get to sleep due to the blue light which will disturb the melatonin production.
  6. No TV, or at least only occasional use in the bedroom!
  7. Books are definitely best, though decide a clear time to stop, even if it’s a good bit!!
  8. Get to bed with the first wave of fatigue if you’ve a tendency to be a night owl like me! Once you miss the cues you’ll get a second wave and regret it the next day.
  9. If you do wake up, avoid turning on many lights and ideally use a breathing meditation to help fall back to sleep.
  10. Consider having a journal by your bed to dump thoughts that come to you and keep on ‘turning’ – this can help you have a sounder night.

Without this foundation in place, our body literally can’t repair itself and an array of symptoms appear from hormonal imbalances, headaches and low libido to difficulty focusing and chronic exhaustion or burnout.

Check in at least once a week, ask yourself, are both the quality and quantity of your sleep optimal? Did you sleep well last night? If not, why not?

There’s much power in making the decision to up level an area of your health or life. The best thing is that an improvement in the quality or quantity of your sleep will flow over to every area of your health, relationships and performance. There’s literally no supplement or medication in the world that is THAT powerful!

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Sally Dibden is a health and performance coach, physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She specialises in supporting driven busy women to heal and balance their bodies and life so they feel their best at work, home and play. You can find more about her work and receive her free kickstart Feel Fabulous Fast guide over

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