How to Elevate Your Yoga Practice on a Budget During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Are you ready to challenge your body in new ways and branch out of your comfort zone? A yoga practice that is always changing and evolving will help you keep coming back to the mat day after day and, at the same time, avoid the demotivating experience of getting bored with your regular routines.


Horizon Athletic wants you—and your furry companions—to thrive, pandemic or no. If you’re worried that the closure of yoga studios during the COVID-19 pandemic is holding you back from taking the next steps in your yoga journey, check out the inspiring budget-friendly tips below.


Expand Your Home Practice


Outside of a class, the most cost-effective place to practice yoga is your own living room. If you’ve mostly been doing yoga in the studio up to this point, consider taking a break and working on your at-home practice. TheActiveTimes points out that practicing yoga at home is a great way to try new styles of yoga and experiment with your routines without feeling self-conscious. You’ll also have all the time and freedom to advance your regimen on your own schedule.


Setting up a space for at-home yoga is super simple. Start by choosing an area big enough for you to stretch out and infuse it with positive vibes; Redfin suggests a few tactics like decluttering it and opening the windows. Pick up a few basic supplies, like a yoga mat, a towel, a speaker or earbuds and some fun props to get your space set up for your at-home practice. To save money, you can even DIY props with things like a necktie (strap) and a pillow (bolster). Be sure to also invest in some quality yoga apparel. From leggings to shorts to sports bras to tops, Horizon Athletic has you covered.


Follow Online Videos


Free online yoga classes are a wonderful resource for the budget-conscious yogi, especially during the pandemic. Exploring advanced yoga online will give you the ability to pause and reset whenever you need to take a break or try something again. You can search for all kinds of advanced yoga routines led by an array of world-renowned teachers. Try different instructors until you find someone who you can connect with.


Yogateket notes it’s important that the instructor is well-trained and experienced since they can provide helpful tips onstaying safe while guiding you through more challenging poses. If you’re really feeling confident in your yoga skills and you want to share your love of the practice, and even make some money with it, you could also take an online yoga teacher training course. And of course, you can also find ways to include your pets in your routine, which is healthful and fun for you both!


Develop a Routine


When you’re practicing yoga at home, committing to a daily practice shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Some of the top benefits of a daily yoga practice include increased flexibility and strength and positive mental health. Develop a daily yoga routine and permit yourself to practice for as little as seven minutes a day. Whether you decide on an energizing morning routine or a relaxing evening routine, a short daily yoga session will lend you some fantastic mental and physical benefits.


Set Intentions and Goals


Setting intentions is a common yoga practice that can help you stay focused on the feelings or values you would like to cultivate during your time on the mat. The intentions we set during yoga—patience, forgiveness, self-love, mindfulness, inner strength, calm, and so on—translate to the rest of our lives as well.


Even if you’re setting intentions for each practice, you may also want to get in the habit of setting short- and long-term yoga goals. Goals are the tangible results or achievements you are reaching toward, like doing yoga daily, trying a new pose each week, or testing out a new style of yoga every month. These goals can keep you coming back to the mat and can give you the motivation to move forward with your practice, especially if you use some free phone appsto track your progress!


Yoga is a mind-and-body practice that keeps on giving, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Don’t feel like you have to shell out money for expensive gear when you’re practicing at home during the pandemic. There will always be things to learn and new ways to elevate your practice, so keep moving forward and see where your practice takes you.

Sheila Johnson