How did Horizon Athletic come about? What inspired you to start the label?


The idea for Horizon Athletic came about from a combination of my athletic background and love for fashion. We set out to create a fashion-forward brand that delivers quality, technical performance wear, while upholding sustainable practices and working to protect the environment.


Can you explain your current production loop and the journey your garments go through, from the design stage to the customer?


We design the collection in Australia, ensuring that each style is fit for high-performance activity from the beginning of the pattern-making phase. Once patterns are developed, we sample the garments and fit them until we are 100% satisfied with each shape and style. From design and development to the final product – everything happens in Australia.


Can you tell us a bit about the makers involved along the way? Who are they and how do you ensure your garments are being manufactured ethically?


Jin Li Fashion are a Sydney-based manufacturing company who specialise in stretch fabrics. The production manager works with us during development, advising us on more efficient production methods and resources that will make the garment more practical for consumers.


Why is ‘Made in Australia’ and supporting local brands so important for sustainability?


We always wanted to produce in Australia and support our local community. A huge part of our business is developing a relationship within the supply chain and this has been a great benefit for the brand, allowing us to have better quality control, communication and mindful, sustainable production.


What are the benefits of recycled fabric and why did you choose Econyl in particular?


We are proud to have used sustainable fabric since we first began and have partnered with Carvico who source Econyl fabric. Econyl is not only sustainable and made from recycled ocean plastics and post-consumer waste, but also offers UV+ sun protection, is resistant to chlorine and salt water, aids in muscle retention, is smooth to the touch and offers excellent coverage.


 Is your packaging recyclable?


We use calico bags to ensure that none of our packaging becomes waste. Consumers can reuse them time and time again!


Why should a consumer choose Horizon Athletic over other athletic and swimwear labels?


Unlike other global activewear brands that mass-produce, add to the earth’s pollution and unfairly pay their workers, Horizon Athletic is an ethical brand with a small carbon footprint. Each piece we consciously produce is made from high-quality, sustainable fabrics - built to last without compromising on style.


What steps would you encourage other brands to take on the path to building a more sustainable future?


Select great quality fabrics that will last longer than most, and be mindful of your production units. There is nothing more wasteful then over-production.

Marlena Gabriel