The world of health and fitness is constantly changing and different workouts, diets and sports tend to change yearly. It can be challenging to keep up with new exercise trends as you can become set in your ways with how you like to workout from home or at the gym. If you’re looking for some new exercise trends to try this year, here's a look a five that are really popular in 2019.



With classes for both men and women in most gyms, yoga has multiple benefits for your body both physically and mentally. If you find yourself doing multiple high impact workouts which can take their toll on your body, yoga is a great way to split these workouts up and help your body recover and develop, helping your body to stretch out, which is proven to help with strenuous workouts. Once you feel confident with your ability to perform yoga, you can begin doing this exercise from home and give yourself a good excuse not to go to the gym.


Personal Trainers

Like last year, hiring a personal trainer to help with some of your weekly workouts plays a significant part in hitting your goals. When you work out alone, it can be hard to spot if your technique isn’t right or if you should be doing alternative exercises, and a weekly session with a PT can change this. Personal trainers also work well as motivation, they’ll want to know your goal whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or become naturally healthier, then they will motivate you to achieve your targets and even give you deadlines to hit. If you’re someone who is easily swayed from going to the gym, this could be the new exercise trend ideal for your lifestyle.


Water Based Resistance Training

The past few years have seen celebrities videoing their water resistance training, and now it’s becoming more mainstream. Also known as Hydro Training, the water provides a natural resistance that restricts movement and takes more focus to complete. Holding your breath, walking through water and carrying weights is a popular choice, but there are multiple options to choose from if you’re looking for a low impact resistance workout.


Body Weight Training

Body weight training is another new exercise trend that benefits anyone with an active lifestyle. While the majority wanting to bulk up will take to the gym and lifts weights, they do have a much more significant impact of the way you feel after the workout. Body weight training is proven to lower the levels of aching, but it does take longer to see improvement. The new exercise trend comes from more people wanting to workout from home if they have a busy schedule, and also for people in a career that is physically demanding.


Wearable Technology

New exercise trends aren’t just about trying a new workout, and wearable technology is helping more people improve their workouts. Being able to monitor your heart rate, the distance and time of your runs and recording improvement is a great motivation, especially if your not the type to venture into the gym for your workout.


Horizon Athletic loves trying new exercise trends, and it’s a great way to keep you interested in your workouts. Other good ways to keep you interested in your workout are to start training in a group, buy some new supportive leggings or update your social media with your progress. All these ideas are worth trying to give a fresh take on 2019!

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Marlena Gabriel
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