Australia is full of incredible places, people and culture, and their beaches are renowned for being naturally beautiful and something constantly compared to paradise. But Australia is a big place, and there is undoubtedly plenty of beaches to go and visit, so it can be had to decide which one to go and explore. Here’s a look at the top 10 beaches in Australia which have different reasons to visit them.


Nudey Beach – Fitzroy Island

Located just off the coast of Cairns, Nudey beach is on Fitzroy Island, which is mainly covered in rainforest. The great barrier reef surrounds the beach, and if you have reef shoes, it worth taking them as the beach has broken coral all around it. It’s also a popular location for shallow water snorkelling as there are tropical fish and beautiful coral to explore in the perfectly blue ocean.


Turquoise Bay – Coral Coast

In this crystal blue water lies living coral to explore while snorkelling and unlike the Great Barrier Reef, the Ningaloo Reef allows easy access for snorkelling with the corals located 50m offshore. This naturally untouched beach is located more than 12 hours from Perth which means that few people make it here to see its beauty. If you’re looking for a quiet place to explore, Turquoise Bay is one of the top 10 beaches in Australia and one of most picturesque places in the world.


Apollo Bay – Great Ocean Road

This 3km-long beach is a popular choice for swimming and fishing. The beach located a few hours from Melbourne, which makes it a quiet beach to visit with a great view of the green countryside hills in the background. This is another beach that has managed to stay untouched, and visitors remain respectful of its beauty.


Whitehaven Beach – Whitsundays

The number one beach on many review websites naturally makes onto the top 10 beaches in Australia, it’s also the most photographed beach in, and its pristine 7km sandy beach gives it a good reason to be. Tounge Point is the final destination you should see while here, as you can witness a beautiful array of colours during low tides.


Bells Beach – Victoria

Surfers gather to this beach as it is rated as one of the best places in Australia to catch the waves. Known for its yellow beach and scenic cliffs, it’s advised that people don’t come here to swim, but the powerful waves this beach produces has made it the site for Rip Curl Pro surf competition, which takes place every Easter and attracts the best surfers and spectators from all over the world.


Burleigh Heads Beach – Gold Coast

A beach perfect for everyone, despite being located near a busy highway, Burleigh Heads is clean and unpolluted. The beach offers great surf conditions, swimming areas watched over by lifeguards and long trails to follow while the sun sets. This beaches well-maintained environment makes it a popular location for local wildlife, where sea eagles, brush turkeys and dolphin pods are all common.


Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

A beach that tourists and holidaymakers gather to for the same reasons. Kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, sailing and relaxing in the sun are all available in one place. The white sandy beach are also complemented with pink and white granite peaks surrounding the area and the natural shape of this beach makes it an aerial photographer’s dream.


Noosa Main Beach – Noosa

One of the few famous beaches that face north on the coastline, Noosa Main Beach is perfect for families with it having very gentle waves to enjoy while swimming or surfing. The beach is next to a popular shopping and restaurant precinct, and the beaches are patrolled by lifeguards every single day of the year. You can also find dolphins and whales visiting the area during their annual migration season.


Bondi Beach – Sydney

A favourite to locals and tourists alike, Bondi Beach is in close proximity to the city of Sydney making a busy location. The beach itself offers a lively atmosphere for sunbathers, swimming and beach strolls and has kept a clean shoreline in respect to its beauty.


Main Beach – Byron Bay

Typically this part of the coastline is uncrowded, making it an excellent choice for peace and tranquillity. Byron Bay now has a name for having modern cafes and lively bars, and this is helping the area in New South Wales become more popular. The beach stretches far and wide with blue skies and green hills surrounding the majority.


Whether you’re looking for a lively beach, a surf point or something untouched and hidden away, Australia has hundreds of beaches to explore and narrowing the choice down to the top 10 beaches in Australia was tough, which is why people from all around the world flock to the country and may even extend their say. Our Australian made swimwear is designed to perform perfectly whether you want to relax on the beach or swim in the ocean. Horizon Athletic’s collections are UV protected and made from recycled ocean plastic to help preserve the beaches we love.

Marlena Gabriel
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