Looking for high supportive sports bras? The variety has grown and so have their names;

sports bras, crop tops, exercise bras, exercise tops, workout bras, athletic bras

sports bralette, active bra, workout sports bra …… just to name a few.

The best way to find high supportive sports bra is to understand the difference between sports bras and crop tops.

Sports bra is a bra designed to be used for sports. The purpose of the bra is support to the breasts during physical exercise, to reduce pain and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise. Sports bras are designed in a way to diminish the discomfort experience when wearing an ordinary bra while exercising. If the name has BRA in it, its purpose is to provide support. 

Crops Tops can look the same as a sports bras but they don’t necessarily provide breast support their purpose is to match a pair leggings or shorts and complete the look of an athleisure set.

At Horizon Athletic we design our sports bra to also be worn as crop tops if that is your desire. We have three must have styles from the essentials collection Topography.



The design inspiration comes from the need to create a sports bra combined cropped top providing HIGH support without the use of underwires. From past experiences underwires are just not comfortable, digging into underarms and in between the bust.

The Rhône High Neck Sports Bra Crop Top is perfect if you are looking for a sports bra with HIGH IMPACT SUPPORT from its design.

  • High neck – great for the bigger busted women
  • Curve underbust belt
  • Can fit DDs cups.
  • Removable cups
  • Three elastic back straps
  • High impact support
  • Ethically made in the EU
  • Made from an Italian recycled sustainable fabric



The Zinal Sports Bralette Crop Top’s beauty really lies in the simplicity of it. We created it to be simple and by making it comfortable with the 35mm width jacquard elastic straps providing that support without digging in on the shoulders. The scoop back hugs you in under the arms and comes into a scoop to give you a more relaxed feel.

It was designed to be a workout bralette with the V front and scoop back.

It is for the minimalist lovers who want a bralette sports bra crop top.

  • V neck bralette 
  • Scooped back
  • Removable cups
  • Underbust elastic
  • Thick shoulder bra straps
  • Medium support
  • Ethically made in the EU
  • Made from an Italian recycled sustainable fabric



This racerback sporty sports bra crop top is a scooped bra with a curved underbust. The main feature of this style that provides the support, is the double X back using four elastics that overlap each other. Also doubled lined front and back, excellent coverage under the arms with removable cups.

  • Racerback
  • Double X back
  • Removeble cups
  • Curve underbust belt
  • Scoop neck
  • High impact support
  • Ethically made in the EU
  • Made from an Italian recycled sustainable fabric


These sports bra crop tops are great for your next yoga handstand pose, or Reformer Pilates class or even your dance class.



Empowerment for Stylish Performance Under Pressure.

Marlena Gabriel