There are dozens of reasons why you should consider changing your lifestyle to include some sustainable habits. Helping to protect wildlife, the ocean, developing countries and the air we breathe tend to be the main reasons and if you’ve decided you want to change your daily routine, here are five sustainable habits to help the environment.


Shop Organic

Organic cotton is a term that is starting to appear more in shops and online which is great, however not many people know what the benefits of organic cotton are. Because the current demand for cotton is so big globally, chemicals are used to increase the speed of its product which harms the local soil, water and general environment during its growth, and it is also harmful to locals that farm the cotton. Organic cotton costs slightly more as it is naturally grown without the use of harmful substances, it should hopefully lead to a lover consumption of cotton as a whole.

Buying organic cotton is going to make a big difference as the demand for it increases. It’s essential to highlight the negative factors to anyone that isn’t aware of how cotton is made, and hopefully, this will encourage more people to shop for the sustainable option.


Reusable Products

Plastic bags, bottles and packaging is a constant issue in the environment, and while recycling centres are making a significant difference around the world, more can be done. Owning a reusable water bottle could be a sustainable habit that helps reduce your daily plastic use, and buying a bag for life is another great way to avoid using unnecessary plastic.

It’s terrible the harm occurring to sea and wildlife due to wasted plastic, buying a biodegradable product and reducing your daily intake plastics is one of the simplest ways to an eco-conscious lifestyle. It might even save you some money.


Recycling at Home

A simple and effective way to get into the routine of sustainable habits. Buying a new recycling bin with multiple sections for general waste, plastic and paper is a great way to help you consciously recycle more at home. It can be tempting to throw away recyclable waste into a general bin when a recycling option isn’t available, this way, you’ll want to utilise the other sections more. It is also more hygienic as you will be emptying the general waste bin more if it is slightly smaller then what you usually have.

Another area to address at home is the homes energy provider. There are now multiple companies that offer an environmentally friendly energy option to change to, the likely won’t cost you most, and it’s a massive change to the environment.



Briefly mentioned earlier, educating your friends and family on how they can change their routines slightly to impact the environment really works. Advertisements can only change so many peoples perspective, as some people just chose to ignore it. If people are educated in more detail by a friend, it can incentivise them to make a sustainable change. Even if it’s something small it makes it worth it.



If you want to go the extra mile with your desire to have more sustainable habits, donating to a charitable cause makes a massive difference. There are plenty of causes to choose from whether it’s helping local wildlife, developing countries or other endeavours donating a small amount of your income can improve so many lives.

Marlena Gabriel
Tagged: Environment