For most of us mornings are hard: the alarm, getting out of bed, tiredness, etc. If you start your day on the wrong foot, it will most likely impact your entire day. In contrary if you start your day in a positive mood, it will help you face all obstacles of the day. I have been recently working on my morning positiveness and I have already felt the changes. I have settled daily morning routines to keep track and I wanted to share this one as it is working on me. Why not you?

Wake up early

I wake up naturally every morning at 6-7 am even during weekends. I don’t put an alarm, I just feel like waking up and enjoy the full morning. I devote these early morning hours to myself. Not many people are awake at this time and it is very peaceful. Keep your phone in Airplane mode until you eat breakfast. This is key to start a positive day.

Benefits: Waking up early will reduce your stress level as you eliminate all rush in the morning. Keeping your phone in Airplane mode will help you not to connect with the outside world too quickly and devote the time to yourself.


Hot water with lemon please!

The best and first thing to do in the morning is drink. Your body needs to re-hydrate as it has just spent many hours without taking liquid. Adding a little bit of lemon juice in your morning drink is a plus. Hot or at room temperature, you decide! I love having my drink a little warm it gives me comfort.

Benefits: Lemon will boost your vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium. It is also a good replacement for juice or coffee and it has no sugar!


Find yourself with 10 minutes meditation

I call it “meditation” but it is mostly a moment that I dedicate to myself. I don’t look at my phone and I haven’t looked at it since I woke up. I go by a window and take advantage of the daily light (depending the season of the year). I close my eyes, breath and tell myself 4 things I am grateful for the day. The first time you will find it weird to do but after you get used to it and you will feel the benefits of it.

Benefits: These 10 minutes meditation will help you to focus on you. Keep your phone turned off and you will concentrate on yourself and not on the life of other people. Grateful thoughts will bring you positiveness to start your day.


Write your goals of the day

I only started doing this 2 months ago and I have noticed real benefits of it. During your meditation time, you just want your day to go well. I like seeing on paper what I have to achieve and I love crossing off a goal when it is accomplished. I have the impression of losing less time (less movies, TV, series because you have other things planned!).

Benefits: Writing down your goals gives you a good reason to start your day. You know what to do and you accomplish more.



As soon as I am done with my meditation and my goals of the day, I do a little bite of stretching. It doesn’t need to be long, just a few minutes is enough. Listen to your body and stretch the way you like (that is my advice). I think imposing stretching to your body when your objective is to feel good, is not a good way. What I do on my side, I get on my back and try to grow myself as much as possible.

Benefits: Stretching will improved circulation and increase energy as more blood will flow to your muscle.


Have the most enjoyable breakfast

Here is the answer to why I love so much mornings. Because you eat breakfast. It is the best meal of the day! (at least for me). I either eat a smoothie bowl or oatmeal. I add a lot of toppings to make it look good and delicious. I love food and this is my way to start a positive day.


Breakfast is as important as the other meals in the day. I really encourage people to eat breakfast in the morning because it gives energy to your body which didn’t have anything for long hours. If you eat breakfast, fill your body with good food such as fruits.




Marlena Gabriel