Exercise can take place in dozens of different locations around you, while most people will head to the gym to focus, some might find it easier to work out from home. But thinking of exercises to do at home can be difficult, here’s a look at five different workouts to do to keep you active, whether you prefer working out from home or the gym isn’t an option on the day.




There are several reasons this exercise is performed during most workouts; press-ups use multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Working your core muscles, arms and shoulders, it’s ideal while being at home because it won’t take up space and your full body is involved. Most workout programmes suggest starting with press-ups to help your body prepare for more physically demanding exercises to do at home, and you’ll even be ready for the more technical gym equipment if you think the gym is required for your goals.




By putting your body in the press-up position and resting your weight on your forearms, this creates the plank position. Tensing your abs and glutes begins the exercise, and you hold the position for a specified time. Your hips will sag during the workout and holding the position for 1-2 minutes is usually the average, then repeating the set 2-3 times will start to make a difference.


The Plank is an ideal way to work out your core with a low chance of causing injury. Endless crunches and high impact exercises can heighten the chances of injury, and the plank is also proved to give participants a flatter more even six-pack.



Lower Back Curl

You begin the exercise by laying on your stomach with your arms by your sides. You then raise your chest upwards slowly while keeping your arms down. Once you’ve reached the furthest point, you can begin to lower yourself back down slowly.


A lot of people can forget the importance of back workouts, and if it isn’t something you want to focus on in the gym, it’s one of the easiest exercises to do at home. Lower back curls workout your entire back which are vital for developing a lot of other muscle groups. If you work at a desk all day and have back pain, this exercise also works well to alleviate any discomfort.



Shadow Boxing

When it comes to deciding which exercises to do at home, shadow boxing is an excellent option for strength, speed and stamina training. By adopting a fighting stance and bouncing on your toes while shadow boxing, you’ll soon find it is a strenuous activity. You can add shadow boxing into any routine, and it can work as the exercise you do in-between other workouts.



Squat Jumps

Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart and arms by your side. You then move your body into a squat position and create a hinge-like movement at the knee. After the squat position, after about a second in the lowest position, you can then thrust upwards through your lower body and completely extending your entire body. You can repeat this 10-20 times with 3-4 sets for a good workout from home. It’s a full body workout that focuses on your legs. It works as a high impact exercise as the speed and squats of the exercise become intense quickly.



There are plenty of exercises to do at home, and it’s usually better to consider workouts that don’t require equipment and save those exercises for the gym. The key is to identify what your goals are, find the balance between different training regimes and decide which training plans work better at home.

Marlena Gabriel