How to help the environment is one of the best questions you can ask, you’re already on the right path for making subtle changes to help the earth and make the planet sustainable. But where do you start? Here’s a look at some different ways you can help the environment and lead a greener lifestyle.



We’re at a point where recycling can have one of the most dramatic changes to the environment. With new policies being put in place around the world to encourage recycling, buying a waste bin for the home with multiple sections for plastics, paper and general waste will help you to avoid using your general waste bin incorrectly. When possible, you can always save your once use plastics and paper until you find a recycling bin, it might feel like an insignificant change in your lifestyle, but in recent years there has been a lot of positive impacts that have come from more people recycling.

Recycling doesn’t just stop with paper and plastic, old clothing, furniture and anything else you no longer have a use for around the home can be taken to charity stores, or recycling facilities so it can be given a new purpose,



Consider buying day to day products that are reusable, drink bottles, a lunch box, a carrier bag, these are all products that we use daily and would normally throw in the bin. Having a reusable bag and drink bottle means you would be to buy single-use plastic and this really helps with reducing waste. An extra tip would be to buy second-hand products when you can, charity shops, for example, give you the chance to reduce the demand required for new products, gives you a lower price and help fund a good cause.

If you are looking for something new, look into the background of the business you plan to shop from, see if they ethically source their products and make your purchases based on a businesses ethos. Horizon Athletic, for example, offers Australian made swimwear that is created by recycling ocean plastics.


Switch Energy Provider

Something only the minority know about which makes a massive difference without you even knowing. There are now energy providers for your home that offer a green option that is a non-contributor to the greenhouse effect. Known as renewable energy companies, they are businesses that choose to offer customers a long-term change that benefits the environment every time you switch a light on, choosing a non-pollutant energy company is cost effective and it’s a one-off change to make and then your home becomes green, and there isn’t a disadvantage to this lifestyle change!


Eco-Friendly Travel

There are a lot of small changes you can make when you want to know how to help the environment, but travel has always been an advised change to make your daily routine more environmentally friendly. Start riding a bike to work, carpool or take public transport, these are all great ways to reduce the emissions that come from cars and considering the majority of people are headed in the same direction, it makes sense to make this change to your lifestyle.


Spread the Word!

Recycling and being green is something you might assume everyone knows about, but spreading awareness can open peoples eyes to a better future. Recycling bins, reusable energy companies and something as simple as a drinks bottle is an easy change you can convince your friends and family to join in with, word of the mouth is the strongest way to change, and if we all do our part we can get everyone around us to join in with a sustainable future.


You can learn more here about Horizon Athletic’s sustainable activewear range which is created with recycled ocean plastic.

Marlena Gabriel
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