Yogis or not yogis! Are you up to try a 30 days challenge to embrace your mind and body? I’m sure you do! Last month I have decided to challenge myself by doing the “TRUE – 30 Days Yoga Journey” from the famous YouTube channel “Yoga With Adriene”. Trust me, I am not an expert in yoga I just like practicing it once a week and an hour per workout. This challenge is only 20-30 minutes daily per yoga session and the benefits that came out of this challenge are incredible!


Learn how to breathe again.

Breathing is key to yoga practice and most of the time we forget about it. Connecting with your breath is a method to be present (focusing on your breathing and not what you will do next). It is a way to control the different state of mind and impact on your emotional state. In other words, a way to free yourself.

Relax and free your mind.

Yoga will help your body slow your breathing, focus on the moment and shift your nervous system to a relaxing state. Once your muscles are relaxed it will release all tensions you are keeping inside. This state is called “The Relaxation Response” (according to Herbert Benson M.D.). Fighting stress and finding serenity is now a piece of cake.

Get more flexible.

Flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of yoga practice. Not everyone will see flexibility as their first goal in yoga but it will definitely help you stay healthy and avoid some injuries. Getting flexible can be painful at the beginning and it will come with time and practice. Remember that breathing will allow you to go deeper in some of your movements and most of all reduce the pain.

Works on your balance and posture.

Yoga movements will most likely work on your balance. With practice, you will be able to feel your body and know where it is in space and enhance your balance. Yoga poses are also a great way to get daily better posture and anticipate back and neck problems. Keep yourself aligned!

Builds your physical strength.

A lot of people say “Yoga will not build your muscles” and then are surprised by the physical transformation they come out with. Weight training will most likely work one or a group of muscles at a time while yoga will work all over your body. Yoga poses increase the endurance as you need to hold them for a certain period of time. Repeating these movements will build your physical strength.

Feeding your self-love.

If you are practicing yoga then you are already caring about yourself. Being able to achieve a relaxing state of mind it’s in other words, giving some rest and love to your body. You will sense gratitude, empathy, and forgiveness and this will help you grow your self-esteem. Be positive and beautiful.

Improves your relationships.

Being aligned with yourself will help you be aligned with your surroundings. When you find self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-loving, you are ready to open in another relationship with another. Studies have revealed that yoga practice cultivates friendship and compassion. Foster a lifelong graceful connection with people.

The way to a healthier lifestyle and happiness.

Yoga practice will make your body move and burn calories. And the spiritual dimension of yoga will make you more conscious of your lifestyle and eating habits. Removing all the weight from your mind and body will reshape your attitude, views, thoughts and lead you to a happier life.



A daily yoga practice can be challenging for those who are not used to practice often, and that is why I call it a “challenge”. But this challenge is more than healthy for you and I was very surprised how many benefits came out of it. I am not a yoga expert and I usually try to practice once a week. But after seeing the outcomes of it, I am definitely going to continue this daily workout practice.  I highly recommend it to you especially if you are living a stressful environment or want to work on your self-love and confidence.

Marlena Gabriel