Can’t believe February is halfway gone! It is already that time of the year where we start to reflect about the goals we settled on the New year's resolution, the pressure of not being able to accomplish them. 


Consider the following  motivational tips to help you make small, positive steps each day;


  • There is always a “why” behind the desire to change. Identifying exactly what that reason is and reminding yourself of it often can help you stay focused. Write it down in a journal or even on sticky notes around your house as a reminder.
  • Have a goal or two to work on! Change takes time and you need to focus on your priorities. 
  • Journaling; Write down the new habit you want to perform, the change you want to make. Make notes on your nutrition, mental health, workouts, daily inspirations and anything else that you want to record that is related to your goals. Keeping a wellness journal will help you reinforce your goals and reflect on your successes. The more we write things down, the more we remember them.
  • Set a reasonable timeframe. Your goals, whatever they are, won’t happen in a week, yet even a month! Results don’t always come easy and when they don’t, they’re only more enjoyable !
  • Replace the old habit; I like to say that we don’t eliminate habits, we replace them. If you’re left with no replacement, the chances of you going back to it and reverting to old habits are very high. How about inserting 'me time' activity?
  • You can be inspired by others but your motivation comes from yourself. You need to get started & moving and you can only find that spark within yourself.
  • Don’t aim to be perfect. Strive for progress, not perfection!
  • Keep your long-term goals in sight, but don’t forget about today. Stay in the moment and find reasons to feel good about yourself and your wellness decisions every single day. 
  • Book time for exercise in your agenda, and make it normal, as you would do any other thing during the day! Wake up earlier & get it done if that’s the only moment you have.



Marlena Gabriel